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Manny Topsoil and Gravel Services

Manny Topsoil and Gravel is your local trucking supplier of all aggregate material. If you need 1 yard or 20 yards, we can help you find the right materials and then deliver it directly to your site . We have the ability to provide assistance at the site work including grading and light excavation work. Our inventory includes topsoil, sand loom, fill material, landscape stone, and all gravel Materials.

Manny Topsoil


When a few bags of topsoil from the local hardware store just won’t cut it, let Manny Topsoil and Gravel help get you the quantity of topsoil you need quickly and at a great price.

Gravel, sand, and stone

Concrete mix, drainage, road base, french drains, driveway, you name it—we got the stone for it. Check out our selection of products and what you can accomplish with them.

Manny Corp Troy Lot


Not only do we provide great material and deliver it fast, we can also help to prep your property. With years of experience and quality work, we can properly and efficiently grade your land.


With capability to deliver anywhere from 2 to 10 yards of Gravel Stone and topsoil material, turn to the experts. Manny Topsoil and Gravel delivers quality as well as quantity.

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Why Choose Manny Topsoil and Gravel


Manny Topsoil and Gravel is dedicated to helping home owners and small businesses tackle all their landscaping needs and small scale trucking services. Proudly servicing Clifton Park, Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga, Waterford, Malta And Rotterdam.


With over 20 years in the construction field our knowledgeable and experienced staff along with the right equipment and machinery will get the job done right and on time.


Manny Topsoil and Gravel not only delivers the finest quality materials but we are also are experts in finishing work. Our experienced team can set the base for your new wall, side walk, or new home addition. And we don't stop there! We have years of knowledge and work under our belts to provide expert grading and light excavation work.

Who We Are!

I’ve always wanted to be in the construction field. My first job, at 14, was digging two six foot holes to be filled with concrete for stone pillars. Since then I've worked for masons and home builders—headaches, sore backs and dirty hands became a way of life, but I was proud of what I was doing.

I was 18 when I ran my first piece of equipment, I was immediately hooked. By 19, I began my own business.

Ten years later I bought my first dump truck, excavator, and loader with my sights on growing my business for years to come.

Special thanks to Valente Quarry and Warren W. Fane for sending small jobs my way.

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